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We are an award-winning production company specializing in topical documentaries. Our filmmaking captures the essence of lives and narratives with sincerity and creativity. We start our documentaries with a question and we invite our viewers to think, rather than telling them what to think.

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About Susan Sipprelle

Award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder of Tree of Life Productions. Produced and directed NEWPORT: In This Together (2024), Soldier On: Life After Deployment (2017) and Set for Life (2012), based on the multimedia project Over 50 and Out of Work. All her documentaries are distributed by American Public Television and shown on public television stations nationwide.

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About Cara Sipprelle

Cara Sipprelle is a digital marketer with a decade of experience leading online campaigns that activate thousands to reach and inspire millions. She helped launch and grow Success Academy Charter Schools’ digital presence and was elected and served as Communications Chair for the NYC Chapter of the Women’s March on Washington. Today, Cara is a freelance consultant who partners with mission-driven organizations.