The Jane Pickens Theater to highlight women filmmakers, actors, and business owners this summer

July 20, 2024

The JPT is presenting a selection of films and discussions that celebrate the creative talents and professional achievements of women filmmakers, actors, and business owners throughout the summer. Newport: In This Together is back at The JPT for an encore screening featuring opening remarks by Mayor Xay Khamsyvoravong, Mayor City of Newport and Sue Sipprelle, Filmmaker […]

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Q&A with filmmaker Susan Sipprelle – Ocean State Stories

April 29, 2024

Susan, your latest film, “Newport: In This Together,” has been getting a lot of media attention lately, including in The Boston Globe, The Bartholomewtown podcast, WUN, Newport This Week and The Rhode Show – and with good reason. It’s quite an achievement. Can you give us an overview? When faced with a global health pandemic, […]

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How did Newport survive COVID-19? New film documenting the experience debuts – The Newport Daily News

April 15, 2024

Seated inside the Jane Pickens, Newporters from all walks of life chittered and cheered in recognition when their neighbors and city illuminated the big screen. It was the premiere of “Newport: In This Together,” a film by native Sue Sipprelle documenting the city’s challenges and triumphs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Newport: In This Together – The Rhode Map

April 12, 2024

Dan McGowan of the Boston Globe interviews filmmaker Susan Sipprelle about her film, “Newport: In This Together.”

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Newport: In This Together – The Bartholomewtown Podcast

April 11, 2024

Bill Bartholomew speaks with award-winning filmmaker Susan Sipprelle about her new documentary “Newport: In This Together,” which chronicles the city’s experience during the pandemic and 2020 social movement.

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Upcoming Events with newportFILM – The Rhode Show

March 28, 2024

Our friends at NewportFILM are always working to bring exciting and engaging events to the City by the Sea. Joining Brendan Kirby on The Rhode Show today with details about upcoming screenings and more was their Executive Director, Cathleen Carr.

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“No daffodils for the North End’ – WUN (Whats Up Newp)

March 18, 2024

What began as a documentary about city residents’ resilience during the pandemic, has evolved into an organization that is demonstrating how resilient the city really is.

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Guest View: In this together: Newport’s future age is now – The Newport Daily News

March 15, 2024

Hollywood often finds drama and intrigue in tales of Newport’s bygone era of gilded wealth and privilege, but today’s reality is more complex and compelling. Our community is economically, racially and ethnically diverse – and deeply interconnected.

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RI Woman Creates Documentary About COVID-19 Pandemic Life In Newport – Newport Patch

March 12, 2024

​”Newport: In This Together” documents the height of the pandemic, showing residents pulling together in the face of unprecedented times.

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Tree of Life Productions embarks on new project: reNEWPORT RI

February 27, 2021

Filmmaker turns camera on Newport to document COVID pandemic, recovery in city.

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